Friday, July 27, 2007

Selling Out Residents

So the Zoning Board was split on the issue of the pit. First of all, we must thank board members Graziano, Williams and Daley for recognizing that the pit is just that---an eyesore, a health hazard and a bad idea for Cary. Thank you for voting no.

As for the others...well, let's just say that Joe Tournier in particular seems to have an unusual affinity for paid "experts" representing big business and less for simple residents just trying to live their lives. Tournier told those assembled that no one had offered evidence to counter what Meyer's "experts" were telling us and that it was up to those who object to offer expert testimony as well.

What? Excuse me Mr. Tournier...we, the residents of Cary, do not have millions of dollars to hire attorneys and pay for experts. The fact that over 300 citizens---those of us who pay taxes so that the Zoning Board of Appeals can exist---voiced their concerns and signed their names asking the board to reject the petition should be enough. After all, this is a democracy, is it not? I am sure the Village did not get such numbers of people advocating the pit.

Secondly, the Zoning Board of Appeals is a government body and if Tournier wanted "facts" he could have easily turned to the numerous reports regarding health offered by government organizations all over the world. Furthermore, if he was so concerned about the "facts," why did he not order the Village to study property values and health issues in regard to the pit in order to determine the validity of Meyer's claims? Why does the village not conduct their own studies instead of relying on obviously biased testimony paid for by a company that so desperately wants the pit so that it could add millions of dollars more to their annual profit levels?

The fact that he did not ask for such data or order a study seems to me that his mind was made up long before these meetings took place. Indeed, when it was time to cross examine Meyer's witnesses, Chairman Tournier had not one question for the petitioners.

Not one.

Many residents spoke out as to the flaws in the "facts" presented by Meyer's paid experts...yet, Chairman Tournier didn't see this as enough to question what the paid "experts" representing a mining company were saying. Several real estate agents spoke during the public comments and offered their own expert comments in regard to the home values. Was this not enough?

How about the Village's own engineer who--under oath mind you---admitted that the new pit could potentially cause contamination of Cary's water supply? Is this not "expert" enough, Mr. Tournier?

I think Chairman Tournier needs a civics lesson and should not blame those for not doing what he should have done. Governments exist for the people---not for big business. It is the job of government to collect the facts and get outside opinions and experts and not rely on those paid experts who only represent one agenda. Ultimately, it is government's responsibility and, in this case, the Zoning Board's responsibility to order the collection of such data.

Anything less is an affront to representative government.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome to Cary---the new video!

If the gravel pit is approved, what will it do for Cary? What if Cary becomes a "gravel pit" community? Here is "Welcome to Cary," envisioned as if the gravel pits are Cary's biggest assest and source of pride.

One must remember that gravel pits are not consistent with the current image of Cary as a neighborhood, family-friendly community. If you do not want Cary to become a "gravel pit community," please come to the meeting on July 12 at 7:30 pm at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Video Coming Soon!

What would happen if Cary was to become a "gravel pit community?" We decided to do the Village a favor by creating a "Welcome to Cary" video in case the gravel pit is approved. This video can be used to help Cary's image as Cary is transformed--one pit at a time--into a community of gravel pits.

Then again, maybe not.

See the World Premiere on Monday, July 9 at 2 pm central.

Monday, July 2, 2007

EPA Violations by the Owners of Meyer Material Co.

In its petition to the Village of Cary, Meyer makes many claims about the safety of its gravel pit operation. This can be seen as very suspect, considering the company that owns Meyer---Holcim, Ltd.--- has had many violations over last several years:

In 2004, Holcim enacted its own "Code of Conduct" and declared that "violations will not be tolerated." That is what they say on their website.

And, as the old cliche goes.....actions speak louder than words.

Is this the type of company we want operating in Cary?

Is it worth the risk?