Friday, October 3, 2008


It has been quite loud as of late in the Fox Trails subdivision.  they are currently working on the berm and the noise is exceedingly loud.  We are to expect noise, that is for sure.  However, the noise that now pounds the subdivision every day is beyond acceptable.

Click here to sample what it sounds like.

The machinery that Meyer is using is too loud.  It squeaks.  It clangs. And the overall hum of the engines is enough to drown out all the other ambiance of a once-quiet neighborhood.

Perhaps Meyer should get new machinery.

Or, even better:  maybe Meyer should hire more workers and build the berm in the old fashion way---by hand. 

The state has standards for noise pollution and those standards are enforced by local law enforcement.  If you feel that the noise is too loud, call the following people to make a complaint:

Bob Nowack:  (847) 639-1100
Cary Police Department (non-emergency): (847) 639-2341

The Chief of police is Ed Fetzer. he can be emailed at