Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Setting Dudek Straight

Duane (Rick) Dudek
At the September 6 board meeting, the Trustees discussed the Meyer plan of adding dredging equipment to the pit and changing the mining hours. Being that most of the board was not around in 2007 and 2008, there were naturally some questions about the history of the subdivision and Meyer's operations next to Fox Trails.

And then Rick Dudek made the following asinine and ignorant comment:
I only want to make one observation. They sold over 130 homes even though there was something going on in their backyard. So let's not make light of the fact that there's no surprise here. People bought those homes--people were buying homes--whatever it was--whether it was 1990 or 1995, they sold out an entire community with an unknown product going on in their backyard. I think that's pretty important to recognize.  (Click here to to hear the comments)
Wow. I can understand how the majority of Trustees are not well-versed in the history of Meyer and the Fox Trails subdivision. However, Dudek was there back in 2008 and voted in favor of Meyer being granted a conditional use permit.

Let's not forget, we are now going into the third round of this monstrosity next to Fox Trails. Indeed, there are residents who have put up with it much longer than most of us.  Initially, the pit was located just in Algonquin and effected half of Fox Trails. 

When we bought our home 2002, the land next to our street was not owned by Meyer. It was land in the Village of Cary that was zoned RESIDENTIAL, even though at the time it was being farmed. The land belonged to the Chally Farm and there was a "No Mining" clause on that parcel of land.  We were assured that there would never be mining on that land; that the mining would be isolated to just around Klasen Road. And accordingly, that mining was just about done. For the folks living in South Fox Trails, it seemed to them that the mining would soon be over.

But that was not to be.

Meyer bought the Chally land and petitioned the Village of Cary for a conditional use permit to expand their mining operations into Cary and along the northern section of Fox Trails. That mining was supposed to end in 2016. Meyer asked for a time extension this year and was denied.

And now they want to add dredgers.

For Dudek to blame the residents of Fox Trails for moving into the subdivision shows not only a lack of respect for Fox Trails residents but a complete lack of understanding of the situation. And that's from someone who went through the whole process back in 2008.  He should know better. 

Perhaps he does know better and this was just a deceitful attempt to sway the other trustees into allowing Meyer a waiver to resubmit a new plan. Regardless, the comment is unacceptable from an elected official.

Shame on you, Dudek. You are one of the reasons why many residents do not trust the Village of Cary.

And your comment says more about you than it does about us here in the Fox Trails Subdivision.

And a special thanks to Jeff Kraus who acknowledged that the land in question was, in fact, Cary land that was not zoned for mining. Kraus, who was not a Trustee back in 2008, had this to say in response:

"The homeowners that bought up in the north end of Fox Trails bought with the assumption that Cary owned the property to the west and then along Route [31] which was probably zoned agriculture. That land wasn't zoned mining. So those homeowners up there bought it thinking it was agriculture behind them, not mining."

Then Dudek says, "How do we know that, Jeff?"

What?!  Dudek was there in 2008 and voted to change the zoning on that land from residential to mining! If there is anyone on that board who knows the history of that parcel of land, it should be Dudek.  

Kraus set the record straight and acknowledged that the residents of Fox Trails have "a legitimate beef with the Village for changing that to mining."

If the Village wants to sell this new plan to the residents of Fox Trails, they have to do a better job in acknowledging the the history and the issues we have been subjected to over the years. 

Dudek sold us out in 2008 and he wants to do it again in 2016.

Let the Village Board know of the history. Send your comments to Villagehall@caryillinois.com.

If you want to personally address Dudek's statement, you can email him at rdudek@caryillinois.com


Anonymous said...

Per last night's meeting what do Fox Trails want?? Your giving us what we want? No you are not giving us what we want. The pit is done. No extentions, no 24 hour schedule. We residents of Cary want you Dudek,to follow up on your promise of the Meyer contract is done. We never asked for an extension. We definitely did not ask or want 24 hour mining! SO YOU AND YOUR CLOWNS NOW KNOW WHAT WE DON'T WANT.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here at my kitchen table, having read this article and this first comment, I hear outside my CLOSED windows ... loud screeching and clanking noises. This continues on hour after hour, over there at the mining pit. How annoying and stressful to be living in such a nice neighborhood, and have it all ruined by the GREED of all those involved at THE PIT.

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