Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sounds from the Pit

Recently, Meyer gave residents a tour of their gravel pit operations when they were looking for a time extension for mining. While on that tour, Meyer officials touted how they were using sound mitigation techniques in order to minimize the noise in the Fox Trail Subdivision. Among the things that they discussed was a way to damper the back-up beeping sound from trucks and equipment. In fact, we were told that if we heard back-up beeping sounds it wasn't coming from the pit.

Oh, really. Well, there's a lot of sound coming directly from the pit, including back-up beeping noises. So they must not be using the very equipment they claimed a few months ago.

Current;y, the sound coming from the pit is loud. Very loud. The beeping noise can be heard in houses even with windows closed.

I recorded a couple of minutes of what is sounds like in my front yard.

Last week, Meyer gave a presentation about their plans to use dredging equipment for 24 hours a day, six days a week.  At that presentation, they could not say how loud it would be.

Considering the fact that they can't damper beeping noises, my faith in Meyer Material being able to keep a dredger quiet in the middle of the night is very much in doubt.

If you do not like what you are hearing, please let the Village of Cary know. Email them at Villagehall@caryillinois.com.

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